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Hear the heart
It is not common for me to be moved after watching a "tearful" movie; all right - almost at all. I am always irritated by the schematic, even the primitive nature of showing feelings in such cinema. The story almost always revolves around love, a dream or other feelings.
Roles can be boring and clichéd. Another Hollywood fairy tale is served with a moral like a Polish politician's mind and indigestible happy ending. Finally, "August Rush" came under my fork.

And I won't say - it tasted delicious.
What could have delighted me in such a movie? It is even a "womanly" cinema. I still have mixed feelings about him. First things first. The film is about a boy named Evan who has an incredible love of music; actually lives by sounds.
His parents were musicians - a rock father, a classical mother.
They meet one evening and one night was enough to light a fire. One night to give new life, to beget a man for whom music is "better than food". Only one night ... Unfortunately, due to the severity and overprotection of her father, for the next 11 years she will not see either the man who gave her heart or the fruit of that one night. He doesn't even know about the latter. After eleven years, Evan escapes from a care center to New York to find his parents. Nothing fancy, right? Well no! The creators of the film did their best, and not just any way. This is not a movie about ordinary hard candy love. It is a film about love for music, about passion, which is both life and a way of expression. This is a movie about love between two distant people.
About the faith that somewhere there someone is waiting for a lonely soul. It is also a film about longing. But above all it is a movie about people.
They finally feel. First of all, we should praise the wonderful game of Freddy Highmore who played the role of Evan. This man's expression can squeeze more than one tear from the eye. When Evan plays, the boy's luck spills out of the screen. It really takes my heart. The rest of the actors also convince us that we are participating in an amazing story. A magic tale. Because what is going on in Evan's head hooks about metaphysics. The viewer feels what this boy feels. Music also deserves praise.
It is beautiful and wonderfully reflects the ethereal nature that we can see before our eyes. The power of the picture was captured in the sound and vice versa. There were moments in the film that offended banality or even naivety. First of all, Evan's first contact with the instrument. I understand that it is a Mozart genius, but even a genius before he takes the instrument in his hand, he knows nothing about it. The boy takes the guitar and ... plays like Satriani! Finger motility made like an old master.
However, after a moment of reflection, I came to a certain conclusion.
After all, it is not really about such formal details, but the content itself.
She is the most important element here. Given her, every such irritating detail is irrelevant. I love sound, I think with it. Maybe that's why I liked August Rush so much.
The film is beautiful, extremely human.
And I will not hide it - I shed many tears on it. The creators were able to perfectly present the world of music brought back to the unit; actually three main units. It's life for them. And you can see it from them. I honestly recommend the movie to anyone who is looking for something more than a frosted tale decorated with tearful phrases.
The depth of this image may not impress at first glance. Open your heart, because this is the basis for proper appreciation of "August Rusha". Therefore, I wish everyone interested. .

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